Does Twitter Auto DM Hurt Your Brand?

We all receive Auto Direct Messages (DMs) on Twitter. Does anyone out there think these are a good idea?

I became so frustrated with Auto Direct Messages (DMs) on Twitter, I turned off the email notification and limited my DM scan to twice a month.

The one downside to this is that any legitimate DMs to me gets lost in the spam. At the same time, I commend professionals who recognize my LinkedIn profile on my Twitter page and send me direct messages through LinkedIn or through my website (also listed on my Twitter page).

When I googled “Twitter Auto DM”, I discovered one How To article. The rest were articles backlashing against Auto DMs! There is even a website called and a #stopautodm hastag on Twitter. So I’m not alone in my disdain.

Whether you are a job seeker or a business, everything is your personal brand.

Here are 5 Reasons to Turn Off Your Auto DM (Please!):

1. Don’t Be Wally

Remember when Chevy Chase punched Wally in the nose after listening to the moose’s auto message about the park closing? Don’t be Wally. Nobody likes canned messages. I read my last Auto DM when someone I know sent me one when I followed her on Twitter. Be a Person not a Bot.
2. You’re Swimming With Sharks

Spammers use Twitter to try to sell you crap and seem to live off the Auto DM feature. Genuine people use Twitter to build relationships. Don’t swim with the sharks. If there is a silver lining to Auto DMs, it allows us to uncover who the real Spammers are on Twitter. As soon as I receive one of these messages, you’re unfollowed.

One other recommendation… don’t ever click on a tiny url unless it is from a trusted source.

3. You Are Dancing With Yourself

Twitter (and social media in general) is all about public dialogue. You are supposed to exchange information, ideas, and opinions for other people to join in. Don’t expect a response to your Auto DM. I also find Twitter DMs in general to say “Please don’t let anyone know we were talking”. So I ranked DMs at the bottom of my list of 8 Ways to Say Thank You on Twitter.

4. You’re Directing Spammers Into Your Life

I am amazed by the Auto DMs that direct any Twitter Follower to the person’s LinkedIn or Facebook page.

You may be the nicest person in the world, but when you use Auto DM, you are sending this message to everyone who follows you. I repeat … everyone.

5. Don’t Wear Out Your Welcome

I’m already following you because I am interested in what you have to say. No need for the cliche messages:

What are your thoughts and recommendations?

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