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It is now the time of year we prepare our list of people to send Christmas, Chanukah, Kwanza and New Year’s cards to. However due to circumstances this year’s list is smaller than the pervious year’s.

In your case, is this statement True or False? If you said True, definitely read on.

You may not think of it in this way, but sending a holiday greeting is Networking in its purest sense. So instead of shrinking your Seasons Greetings list this year, why not expand the list dramatically to include everyone you know.

Now I am sure the thought of doing this is making some of you squeamish, and others may deem this as being contrary to the spirit of the holiday; however if you think about it in the right way, there is no reason to have a knot in your stomach or feel like a hypocrite by connecting with someone you have lost touch with over the course of the year or even 25 years. As a matter of fact I just reached out to someone who I had a major falling out with back in 1985, and now we are both really happy that this episode has been put behind us and we can continue our personal and business friendship as if nothing happened.

The essence of Networking is to connect with someone on a personal level and show a genuine interest in their well being, what better way than to wish them a happy holiday and a great New Year.

So this is what I propose you might consider doing starting today:

1: Jot down the names of everyone you want to connect or reconnect with and people you know but want to expand an existing relationship with. If you don’t already have it, research how to get in touch with them thru phone books, alumni and trade directories, social media sites, business websites etc. Then write down their home or work address or email address and a contact phone number.

2: Before December 5th send them a paper or email greeting card (or both) and write something in it that is personal and resonates friendship and good will.

3: Then 7-10 days later or sooner if they respond back to you, reach out to them with a phone call to follow up on the card and see how they are doing.

4: When you talk to them, ask about what is happening in their life, and inquire about mutual friends you can’t locate and see if they are still in touch with them and can give you new contact information

5: Only then should you shift the conversation and mention the fact that you are looking to expand your job search network, and ask if them for their help.

6: Close by wishing them a great holiday and arrange a time to meet or speak again so you can maintain this relationship.

I guarantee that if you follow this advice, even if it does not advance your job search it will brighten up your spirits during this upcoming holiday season.


Perry Newman, CPC is a nationally recognized resume writer, career launch & transition coach, and the founder and driving force behind First Impressions Resumes. For a complimentary consultation with him call 646-894-4101.

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