Resume Writing: Getting It Right

Is your resume well written AND well edited?

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Which brings me to today’s topic: Resume Editing.

If you were to ask any professional writer, journalist, author, playwright, musician, or a TV or film producer who the unsung, behind the scenes heroes are, they will all agree it is their editorial staffs. That’s right; behind every successful writing project are talented and tireless editors who dictate a project’s failure or success.

If you have ever read an original manuscript or a first draft grant application or business proposal, and then you read the final edited version you saw first hand the subtle and not so subtle changes which impacted the value and marketability of the original work. As a matter of fact, in almost 90% of the cases the editor’s changes are the difference between cashing-in and being left out in the cold with nothing to show for a massive expenditure of time, effort and money.

The same adage holds true for a resume; and I would be much richer today if I had $100 apiece for every new resume individuals I know or worked with rewrote or edited during my professional career. I dare say on average these people edited their original work 5-10 times before getting it right or seeking professional help.

What I find, and especially in today’s job market, is that most professionals have the ability to articulate the responsibilities, facts and statistics which need to be incorporated into their resumes. As a matter of fact, I think most professionals can use an online template to produce a decent facsimile of a boilerplate resume.
However, whereas most professional’s resumes I review are written fairly well, I find over 90% of them are poorly edited.

What I mean by this is the raw information is there; but the quantity and quality of the information (most resumes include way too much useless information) along with a writing style and a visual presentation that sells the resume to decision makers is either buried DOA or is nowhere to be found.

Just like resume writing is an art form, so too is resume editing. A successful resume editor needs certain skill sets. He or she must have intimate knowledge of the position and the industry the candidate is working in and the mindset of the audience the candidate is trying to appeal to. Also essential for a resume editor is first hand knowledge of what information is essential for the reader and what information is superfluous.

Another essential quality, and perhaps the most important one a top notch resume editor must possess, is the ability to acquire a genuine understanding of the resume owner’s unique personality in order to choose the proper format, style and words that will appear on the resume.

This is why I suggest that everyone who writes a resume, whether it is for themselves, or for a paying or non-paying third party, has a skilled editor look over their work; and having a skilled proofreader look it over is something you might consider as well.

Follow this advice and you will insure that the resume you send out makes a positive First Impression on the reader and generates interviews and referrals for jobs in the hidden job market.


Perry Newman, CPC is a nationally recognized resume writer, career launch & transition coach, and seminar presenter with experience in numerous industries. He is also the founder and driving force behind First Impressions Resumes. For a complimentary consultation you can contact him at 646-894-4101.

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