Packaging the Brand Called YOU

In the past four posts, I’ve been talking about the five steps to get into work you love. Here are the steps…

Step #1 – Know the “real you”. Read about that by clicking HERE.
Step #2 – Embrace the “real you”. Read about that clicking HERE.
Step #3 – Understand how being the real you will help solve the problems of others. Read about that by clicking HERE.
Step #4 – Find somewhere that will embrace the “real you”, where you don’t have to hide it. Read about that by clicking HERE
Step #5 – Set an action plan to get from here to there. I’ll talk about that now.

Let’s talk about Step #5, which is to set the plan in action to find work you love. This actually is fairly simple if you’ve set your plate well using steps 1-4. Here’s how…

Most people put an extraordinary amount of effort in their resume and interview strategy convincing their prospective employer they have the experience for the job. Experience is important, but there is more about you that needs to be delivered to make YOU irresistible.

You also need to deliver a big dose of your winning personality, and it needs to go in your resume, your cover letter and interview strategy.

A commonly strategy is to leave your personality out of the resume. I believe in exactly the opposite… make sure your personality is in your resume and cover letter, and package it with your experience and your natural talent (something we call your Given Talent).

If you’ve ever hired before, think back what made you decide to hire that person. I’m sure you wanted to make sure that person had the experience you wanted. But that’s not what sets people apart. Almost always, the deciding factor is whether you believe in that person and whether you think that person will be a fit.

People get hired because they make a personal connection with the employer. They connect with another human being as a human being. People get hired not only because of their background, but because they are sure of themselves in their own skin. And they are hired because their true personality fits in with the other team members.

So, instead of waiting for the interview to show that, make sure your personality and natural ability shows through in your resume and cover letter. Present yourself as the entire package… your experience, your basic makeup and your personality. Know how all three will benefit your employer and make sure that is crystal clear in your resume and cover letter. That complete package will get you hired in the position that fits you and your Given Talent.

If you’re wondering how much you’re using your Given Talent at work and at home today, try our Free Reality Check by clicking HERE. And if you’re interested in The Clarifier that will uncover your Given Talent in less than two hours, check out our free test drive HERE.

Until next time, remember…

Have some fun with just being YOU!!!


Dave Dutton – Founder of – “Answering the question for all ages, “What do I want to be when I grow up.”

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