Top 20 LinkedIn Groups ALL Personal Branders MUST Join

LinkedIn is the leading professional network on the web, so if you don’t have an account already, get one today! If you have one already, you’re off to a great start.

Whether or not you’re currently seeking job opportunities, LinkedIn is an invaluable asset for all professionals, providing you many unique features, including your own professional online resume, career and business networking opportunities and more.

One feature you may not know about or have fully explored is LinkedIn Groups. LinkedIn Groups are free to join, and you can choose to join up to 50 groups from a list of thousands of user-created groups for literally just about anything. Not only do these groups provide you access to connect with and contact fellow group members who could become future partners, employees, investors, customers etc., but the groups’ discussion board and news sections can provide more networking opportunities, answers to your questions and insightful advice, tips and support. You can also contribute answers, comments and your own expertise to the groups’ discussion boards to establish your own online personal brand on LinkedIn.

While you should definitely join any and all groups connected to your college and/or graduate school, your professional organizations or other areas or industries of interest, here are the Top 20 LinkedIn Groups ALL Personal Branders MUST Join (listed in alphabetical order) to help build their brands and launch their careers:

  1. Bright Ideas & Entrepreneurs – Forum for entrepreneurs from all over the world to share bright ideas and insights.
  2. Career Rocketeer Career Launch Network – Fastest-growing professional network for career search, career development and personal branding, bringing job seekers and employers, recruiters and career experts together for mutual success.
  3. Digital Marketing – Forum for best practices and trends within the world of social media and online marketing.
  4. eMarketing Association Network – Largest marketing community on LinkedIn for all professionals interested in new internet marketing ideas, strategies and tactics.
  5. Executive Suite – Community of over 100,000 US-based executive-level and recruiter members.
  6. HARO – Help A Reporter Out – Network linking reporters and writers seeking sources for their articles to the experts, professionals and entrepreneurs who can help them.
  7. Inbound Marketers – Community for those looking to reach their best customers online through techniques like inbound marketing, search engine optimization (SEO) and social media.
  8. Innovative Marketing, PR, Sales, Word-of-Mouth & Buzz Innovators – Network of professionals sharing creative marketing, public relations, promotions, and sales practices and advice.
  9. JobAngels – THE non-profit job search network of professionals helping other professionals find job advice and opportunities.
  10. On Startups – The Community For Entrepreneurs – Largest startup community on LinkedIn for entrepreneurs and small business owners.
  11. Personal Branding Network – Consortium for all professionals looking to build powerful personal brands.
  12. – Group for sales and leadership news, strategies and advice.
  13. Search Marketing Salon – Global network for search engine marketers interested in increasing search engine rankings, driving targeted traffic and maximizing revenue through paid search (PPC), search engine optimization (SEO), or Web 2.0 Marketing (and social SEO).
  14. Social Media Marketing – Largest social media community on LinkedIn dedicated to interactive advertising and marketing professionals actively engaged in social media and community-oriented websites.
  15. Social Media Today – Network for the best thinkers in social media.
  16. Star:Candidate for Hire – Group working in tandem with Linked:HR, the largest Recruiters’ Group on LinkedIn, to help top candidates find jobs quickly and efficiently.
  17. The Talent Buzz – Group for job seekers, recruiters and HR professionals interested in expanding their professional networks.
  18. True Wealth Business Network – Community of business owners, entrepreneurs and professionals from across the globe and the verticals.
  19. Twitter Innovators – Community of Twitterers on LinkedIn sharing news and advice on social media innovation and creative usage.
  20. Web 2.0 – Network of professionals involved in the second generation of web-based communities & hosted services.
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