How Present is Your Online Presence?

Your personal brand should always begin with who you are and what unique and differentiating value you bring to the table offline. Period.

However, many of us, myself included, find it enormously beneficial to leverage the power, connectivity and influence of blogs, websites, social networks and other internet resources to increase the online presence of our personal brands.

With that being said, how present is your online presence?

Here are just 6 free online tools that not only help you measure the effectiveness of your brand-building efforts online, but also help you optimize your online presence with advice for moving forward:

Online ID Calculator – Created by leading personal branding and career experts, William Arruda and Kirsten Dixson, this calculator is the first and leading tool that will help you make sense of your Google results and give you advice on how to build a stellar online identity that’s aligned with your real-world personal brand.

The Linkulator – Provided by Social Media Sonar, this LinkedIn presence scorer, using a scale from 0 to 100, compares your efforts and activities on LinkedIn to the average LinkedIn user. The results also include tips on what you can do to improve your score and presence.

Website Grader – Part of the toolbox provided by, Website Grader is a free SEO tool that measures the marketing effectiveness of a website, blog etc. It provides you with a detailed report and offers you tips and advice on how to optimize your placement in search engine results.

Blog Grader – Part of the toolbox provided by, Blog Grader, while similar to Website Grader, measures the marketing effectiveness of your personal or business blog and compares that to and ranks it against others in the blogosphere.

Twitter Grader – Part of the toolbox provided by, Twitter Grader is a popular tool for measuring the authority, power and reach of a specific Twitter user. This tool not only helps you by ranking your Twitter profile and offering tips for profile optimization, but also allows you to search by keywords for other influential Twitter users within your field or industry with whom to connect.

Facebook Grader – Part of the toolbox provided by, Facebook Grader is a tool that measures the power and reach of a specific Facebook user’s account and even business pages.

These are just some of the tools that can help you build, enhance, measure and/or maintain your online personal brand. What other free online resources do you use or does your business offer?

Please share them with us!

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