100+ Career Blogs ALL Professionals MUST Read

Whether you are seeking career advice or job opportunities, developing your personal brand, taking the next step in your career or simply just want to keep track of news and updates from the career industry, Career Rocketeer has compiled and presents to you the ultimate, definitive list of career blogs you should be reading, including those of authors, bloggers, coaches and experts in the world of personal branding and marketing, career and job searching, networking, social media, resume writing and more.

Note: If your career blog was not included on this list or there is something missing from your listing, don’t worry. We want to include your blog and/or feature it correctly. Just email me for additions and/or modifications to current listings.

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Career Search

Leadership, Management & Career Development

Marketing, Social Media & PR<
br />

Personal Branding & Entrepreneurship

The easiest way to take advantage of the insights and updates from all of these blogs is to use an RSS Reader, such as Bloglines, NewsGator or Google Reader. Unfortunately, while I use Google Reader, because it is simple and integrated into my other Google accounts, I have yet to figure out an easy way to add multiple blog feeds at one time; however, if you know of a way, please feel free to share it with us as a comment to this post.

Chris Perry, MBA, is a Gen Y brand and marketing generator, brand marketing manager, career search and personal branding expert, professional speaker, entrepreneur and brand consultant. Chris is the founder of Career Rocketeer, the Career Search and Personal Branding Network, MBA Highway, the MBA Job Search and Career Network and multiple other ventures.

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  1. Terrific list – thanks for including me.

    - Debbie


  2. Great list — A number of blogs I'm not familiar with, and I love checking out new sites. Thanks for putting this together, and double thanks for including me. I'm honored to be in such an impressive group.



  3. What a great resource you out together Chris. I am honored to be a part of this list. I look forward to reading many of these awesome blogs.


    Bradley Will


  4. Great post idea. Thanks for the inclusion!

    Mark Montoya


  5. Chris,

    This is a tremendous list of great minds and experts I have found your blog to be a great resource for job seekers and branding. Continue to create great content. Thanks for including me on your list.

    Hajj E. Flemings

  6. Great list! Thank you for including me as well. I love to see that there is so much great advice out there and follow and respect so many people on this list! Kudos to all for making this info more readily available to job seekers.

    Susan D. Strayer, SPHR
    @dailycareertips on Twitter

  7. This is a fantastic resource! What an honor to be included in the list. Thank you.

    Tai Goodwin, The Career Makeover Coach


  8. Excellent list you have compiled. Won't hesitate to share with my community. Would love to be considered for future lists…


    Dustin DeVries
    Lead Dawg

  9. Here's another one for your list: http://www.sharongraham.ca

    Sharon offers excellent career tips for executives and six-figure professionals.

  10. This is an excellent list. Not only for the list itself, but to find legitimate marketers, personal branding specialist, entrepreneurs and social media experts. My twitter account is a'flutter with people telling me how to get 20,000 connections in 30 days.

    One thing I noticed from clicking on many (many) of the links is that a surprising amount of people do not have a way for someone to find them on twitter, facebook, etc…


  11. Thank You for including Careerealism.com and JT & Dale Talk Jobs on the list Chris!

    Will be tweeting it!

  12. Another great list!! We are honored to be included – thanks so much for the recognition.

    The YSN Team

    http://youngandsuccessful.com/ – from your friends at YSN.com Your Success Network

  13. This is a helpful list, and thank you so much for including us.

    Patrick Ambron
    online marketing strategy Brand-yourself.com

  14. David Brossmer says:


    It's nice to have these encapsulated for all to read, use and share.


  15. Chris –
    Thanks for the mention!

  16. Michael says:

    Thanks for including me!

  17. Chris-Thanks for reaching out and for including Courting Your Career in the list.


  18. Hey Chris,

    I'll pass this on to Tim. Thanks for the mention.

    – Amy
    Executive Assistant to Tim Ferriss

  19. Hi Chris. What about removing reCareered? The blog linked above last posted in 2008. The rest are good variety – of topic and quality, I'm narrowing it down for my clients. Thanks!

  20. johanneslenz says:

    Hi Chris,

    would be really cool to include http://www.alma-mater.de in your list. We are also on twitter with http://www.twitter.com/almameise

    It`s a leading Recruiting-Specialist for Academics in Germany.

    Many Thanks

    Alma aka Johannes

  21. Thanks for including me. I'm honored to be in such good company!

    Ronnie Ann
    Work Coach Cafe
    (URL I signed in with to comment is linked to my old wordpress.com site. Sorry!)

  22. I noticed from clicking on many (many) of the links is that a surprising amount of people do not have a way for someone to find them on twitter, facebook, etc…


  23. Wonderful list! Can you include mine as well? It's about Social Media and job searching:

    Who Gives a Twit?

    I have google reader as well, so I'll research the question of getting multiple subscribes included and let you know if I figure anything out.

    Thank you so much!

  24. Thanks for your honorable mention of my blog.
    Yinka olaito

  25. Thanks so much for including The Pongo Blog…we appreciate it very much!

    You have listed a lot of great resources! We read many of these blogs!


  26. If you are in Advertising, Marketing or PR and are looking for opportunities, you have to look at TalentZoo.com
    The information is great & the job search selection is the best.

  27. jodiglickman says:

    Chris, thanks so much for posting and for including Great on the Job, i really appreciate it! You're list is super helpful, I'm definitely going to check out some of the folks i'm not familiar with. best, jodi

  28. Chris great job on the research and compiling this list! Great resource full of fresh ideas. Thanks for sharing.

  29. These are all great and I will definitely look through all of them! Thanks Chris!


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