Job Fit Assessments and Phone Interviews

Job searching and applying takes a lot of time and effort these days. There are so many ways to apply and so many agencies/companies to help you. So you are working on getting that dream position and you as you apply you are taken to a test that determines a multitude of factors about you before you even get to submit your resume. Job fit assessments (or maybe a similar name) as they are called in the work world determines your fit for the job. Do you think this is a fair judgment?

When hiring a Job Fit Assessment (JFA) is sent for every applicant that meets certain criteria. You could be screened out of the process before your credentials even get looked at. Sure there are some requirements in certain jobs such as credit check, background check, security clearance and so forth but should the job fit be taken into consideration?

I like to look at an applicant’s experience and application before I even look at the JFA. Why?

I think the total package is better spelled out in their past experiences, college education, extra activities, or other information they reveal. The JFA that tells me whether they are cognitive because they answered all 10 questions in30 seconds may not reveal the whole truth. What if the person is over critical about their answers so they take extra time to make sure they are right? Then the results show low in the cognitive area.

Achievement and dependability are another main area. How can you truly gauge someone characteristics by how they answer the test question? In the past I have seen this relied upon as a big part of the consideration for choosing candidates. Should this be? Are there better ways to get a feel for someone before doing a formal interview?

Phone Interview

I like the idea of a phone screen but how do you prepare for that. A lot of companies because of time and budget constraints are getting a feel for applicants before they meet them by doing a phone screen. I think this can be very beneficial for both sides. The applicant may be able to feel more at ease because they are not face to face. However, you should prepare for this as much as you would for in person interview. Google some “common interview questions” and think about them or write responses you would like to say. This will get you in an interview mindset. You will be better prepared. If you know of the phone interview time dress up a bit like you would for a formal interview. Have concrete examples you can share again person.

Being dressed up will cause you to act more professional on the phone without being conscious of it. If you are in your pajamas you may talk in a more informal tone like you do to your friends. Impression is everything and you only get one chance to make that first one.

If you feel qualified and interested ask for that in person interview if you think you will come across in a better light. Let the interviewer know you are nervous and would like to do an in person. Maybe they will keep you in consideration just to give you the chance.

Any other great tips or ideas for a phone interview? Feel free to share. Always looking for feedback to help others.


Cassandra Chasnis, CISA, ITIL, MBA is a Senior Auditor at Chemical Bank focusing on the Information Technology area. She also teaches at Davenport university in the Computer Security and IT Systems discipline. She is a noted speaker and expert in her area. Her main focus is helping people get started on a job that they can turn into a career.

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