VisualCV: Pioneer of Resume 2.0

Resumes as we know them have experienced dramatic changes since the dawn of the internet and more specifically, the rise of social networking. With the majority of our general communications and job application processes taking place online, the paper resume, or what can be called Resume 1.0, has essentially become antiquated and obsolete. Even at career fairs and in interviews, many employers and recruiters are no longer even collecting paper resumes, but instead, simply directing job seekers to their corporate websites for uploading their resumes and applying to job opportunities.

While job seekers may always need to maintain a digital copy of their resume in a document or pdf format that they can upload when applying for jobs on corporate and job search websites, more and more job seekers are finding value in creating more interactive and comprehensive resumes and/or resume profiles online. LinkedIn, the leading professional networking website, is an invaluable career advancement and business development tool allowing you to create a resume-based profile and much more. However, if you are seeking an even more professional and effective way to present yourself as either an active or a passive job candidate and launch your personal brand online, you must try VisualCV.
VisualCV is the online resume that is pioneering Resume 2.0. First of all, VisualCV does not look like a typical online profile, but more like a traditional resume. In addition, it not only allows you to incorporate all of the components of a traditional paper resume, such as professional experience, education, etc., but also offers you the opportunity to include a portfolio of your previous work and/or publications, references and recommendations and links to your social networks, professional media sources, such as video clips and images, and other achievements and awards. Because of this, VisualCV is ideal for anyone working in a creative profession. VisualCV brings you and your resume to life and really enhances your career search efforts. You can buy your own domain name and forward it to your VisualCV and/or cross-promote your VisualCV on your LinkedIn profile, your business card, your email signature, your other social media accounts and more.

Other great features include VisualCV’s ever-growing job board and its privacy settings that allow you to control who has access to view your VisualCV.

Creating your VisualCV will set you up well with a strong pillar supporting your online personal branding efforts, especially as online career searching and development continues to evolve. The great thing is, VisualCV is absolutely free to join so sign up today!

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