150+ Experts on Twitter ALL Job Seekers MUST Follow

Whether you are seeking career advice or job opportunities, developing your personal brand, taking the next step in your career or simply just want to keep track of news and updates from the career industry, Career Rocketeer has compiled and presents to you the ultimate, definitive list of who you should be following on Twitter, including authors and bloggers of and coaches and experts in personal branding and marketing, career and job searching, networking, social media, resume writing and more.

If you were not included on this list or there is something missing from your listing, don’t worry. We want to include you and/or feature you correctly. Just email me for additions and/or modifications to current listings.

Please also check out Where to Find Your Job on Twitter for companies, job sites and career resources posting job opportunities and career advice.

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  1. Adrienne Waldo@adriennewaldo – Marketing Expert
  2. Alexandra Levit@alevit – Author & Career Expert
  3. Alison Doyle@alisondoyle – Author, Consultant & Job Search Expert at About.com
  4. Alison Green@askamanager – Career Expert & Blogger
  5. Allison Cheston@allisoncheston – Career Change & Executive Search Expert
  6. Amanda Hite@sexythinker – Founder of Talent Revolution & Career Expert
  7. Andrea Santiago@AndreaSantiago – Recruiter & Healthcare Career Expert at About.com
  8. Anita Bruzzese@AnitaBruzzese – Career Columnist & Author
  9. Anna Farmery@engagingbrand – Social Media Coach
  10. Anne Brown@GradtoGreat – Author & Career Expert
  11. Andy Beal@andybeal – Personal Branding Expert
  12. Andy Headworth@andyheadworth – Social Media Expert
  13. Andy Robinson@andyinnaples – Executive Career Coach & Author
  14. Anthony Fisher@anthonyfisherpb – Personal Branding Expert
  15. Barbara Safani@barbarasafani – Career Expert & Resume Expert
  16. Barbara Sher@BarbaraSher – Author
  17. Barry Deutsch@Barry_at_IMPACT – Career Coach & Recruiter
  18. Barry Moltz@BarryMoltz – Author
  19. Ben Casnocha@bencasnocha – Start-Up Expert & Author
  20. Ben Yoskovitz@byosko – The CEO of Standout Jobs
  21. Ben Eubanks@beneubanks – Career Journalist & HR Professional
  22. Beverly Harvey@BeverlyHarvey – Career Coach & Personal Branding Expert
  23. Beverly Macy@BeverlyMacy – Career Expert
  24. Billie Sucher@billiesucher – Career Transition Consultant & Resume Writer
  25. Blake Sunshine@blakesunshine – Marketing Expert
  26. Boni Candelario@coachmupboni – Career & Empowerment Coach
  27. Brad Federman@bfederman – Personal Branding Expert & Entrepreneur
  28. Brad Hogenmiller@JavaSTL – Recruiter, Networking & Career Strategist
  29. Bradley Will@bradleywill – Personal Branding Expert & Entrepreneur
  30. Brenda Bence - @brendabence – Personal Branding Expert & Author
  31. Brent Peterson@InterviewAngel – CEO of Interview Angel & Career Expert
  32. Brigitte van Tuijl@brigittevanT – Personal & Career Coach
  33. Carlos Hernandez@CarlosHernandez – Social Media & Career Expert
  34. Carol Fishman Cohen@iRelaunch – Career Reentry Expert
  35. Carol McClelland@CarolMcClelland – Green Career Expert
  36. Casey Quinlan@mightycasey – Marketing Expert
  37. Catherine Cliffard@YourOnRamp – Founder of YourOnRamp & Career Expert
  38. Chad A. Levitt@ChadALevitt – Social Media Expert & Author
  39. Chandlee Bryan@chandlee – Career Coach & Resume Writer
  40. Char Brown@charbrown – Web Marketing Coach
  41. Charlie O’Donnell@ceonyc – CEO of Path101
  42. Cheryl Palmer@CherylPalmer – Executive Career Coach & Resume Writer
  43. Chris Perry@CareerRocketeer – Career Rocketeer & Personal Branding Expert
  44. Chris Russell@chrisrussell – Job Search Expert & Entrepreneur
  45. Chris Webster@CJWebster – Career and Coaching Specialist
  46. Cindy Kraft@cfocoach – Personal Branding Expert & CFO Coach
  47. Daisy Wright@DaisyWright – Career Coach & Author
  48. Dan Janal@prleads – Publicity & Internet Marketing Expert
  49. Dan Nelson@careercampaigns – Consultant & Recruiter
  50. Dan Schawbel@danschawbel – Author, Blogger & Personal Branding Expert
  51. Dan Thomas@DanThomas – Marketing Expert
  52. Daniel Pink@danielpink – Author & Career Expert
  53. Daulton West@dwestjr – Web Marketing Coach & Social Media Expert
  54. Dave Saunders@madmain – Marketing & Social Media Expert
  55. David Sandusky@DavidSandusky – Entrepreneur & Personal Branding Expert
  56. David Wright@getajob – Author & Career Expert
  57. Dawn Bugni@dawnbugni – Resume Expert & Blogger
  58. Deb Dib@CEOCoach – Executive Coach
  59. Debbie Weil@debbieweil – Social Media Expert
  60. Deborah James@ohioresgal – Executive Resume Guru & Recruiter
  61. Debra Wheatman@debrawheatman – Writer & Career Expert
  62. Diana Jennings@DianaJennings – Personal Branding Expert
  63. Dirk Spencer@dirkindallas – Recruiter & Resume Psychologist
  64. Dorothy Dalton@DorothyDalton – International Career Transition Coach & Executive Search Professional
  65. Drew Selman@socialmediawonk – Social Media Evangelist
  66. Elaine Basham@resumesrevealed – Job Search Strategist & Resume Consultant
  67. Emilie Ogez@eogez – Social Media Expert
  68. Eric Shannon@internetinc – Entrepreneur, Job Board & Social Media Expert
  69. Eve Tahmincioglu@CareerDiva – Career Columnist & Blogger
  70. Fadhila Brahimi@fbrahimi – Career Coach & Personal Branding Expert
  71. Frank Mitchell@0Frank – Recruiter & Career Coach
  72. Gayle Howard@GayleHoward – Resume & Career Expert
  73. Gene Burnard@WorkforceFifty – Career Expert
  74. Gillian Kelly@Gillian_Kelly – Personal Branding Expert & Resume Writer
  75. Glenn Raines@socialmoves – Personal Branding Strategist
  76. Hajj Flemings@HajjFlemings – Personal Branding Expert
  77. Harold Mellor@haroldmellor – Recruiter
  78. Harp Arora@harparora – Personal Branding Expert
  79. Harry Urshel@eExecutives – Job Search Coach & Recruiter
  80. Heather Huhman@heatherhuhman – Columnist & Career Expert
  81. Heather McDonald@mountflorida – Writer & Music Career Expert at About.com
  82. Ilissa Suss Manes@IlissaSmanes – Career Expert
  83. Jacob Share@jacobshare - Job Search Expert & Blogger
  84. Jacqui Barrett-Poindexter@valueintowords – Executive Resume Writer & Career Strategist
  85. Janice Worthington@execjobcoach – Resume Writer & Job Search Coach
  86. Jan Melnik@janmelnik – Job Search Expert & Resume Writer
  87. Jann Watt@jannwatt – Personal Branding Expert
  88. Jason Alba@jasonalba – Author, Founder of JibberJobber.com, Career & Social Media Expert
  89. Jason Buss@jjbuss – Talent Acquisition & Diversity Professional
  90. Jason Lesher@career_advisor – Career Advisor & Recruiter
  91. Jason Seiden@Seiden – Career Expert
  92. Jeff Jarvis@jeffjarvis – Author, Writer & Blogger
  93. Jeffrey Blake@jeffrey_blake – Social Media Evangelist & Personal Branding Expert
  94. Jennifer Kushell@ysnjen – Networking Expert & Author
  95. Jeremy Worthington@jobsearchcoach – Resume Writer & Job Search Coach
  96. Jeri Hird Dutcher@resumegenius – Resume Writer & Job Search Expert
  97. Jessica Holbrook - @greatresume – Resume Writer & Career Expert
  98. Joan Schramm@joanschramm – Social Media Expert & Career Coach
  99. Joe Noonan@BostonRecruiter – Recruiter & Founder of Sourcing Machine
  100. Joel Cheesman@cheezhead – Online Recruiting Expert
  101. John Crant@SelfRecruiter – Author, Speaker & Career Coach
  102. John Jantsh@ducttape – Author & Internet Marketing Expert
  103. Jon Davidson@theresumebay – Career Expert & Resume Writer
  104. Jonathan Fields@jonathanfields – Author & Career Expert
  105. Joni Liebel@JoniLiebel – Career Coach & Expert
  106. JT O’Donnell@jtodonnell – Founder of Careerealism & Career Expert
  107. Julia Erickson@juliaerickson – Career Coach
  108. Jun Loayza@junloayza – Social Media Expert
  109. Karen Burns@workinggirl – Career Expert
  110. Katie Konrath@katiekonrath – Blogger & Creative
  111. Keith Ferrazzi@keithferrazzi – Author & Networking Expert
  112. Kevin Kermes@kevinkermes – Job Search Expert & Blogger
  113. Kirsten Dixson@kirstendixson – Author & Personal Branding Expert
  114. Kirsten Grant@kgrantcareers – Career Expert
  115. Kris Plantrich@KrisPlantrich – Resume Writer & Career Coach
  116. Krishna De@krishnade – Personal Branding & Social Media Expert
  117. Kristen Fischer@KristenFischer – Author & Career Expert
  118. Kristen Jacoway@KristenJacoway – Career Coach & Personal Branding Expert
  119. Laura Smith-Proulx@resumeexpert – Personal Branding Expert & Resume Writer
  120. Lauren Still@laurenstill – Career & Life Coach
  121. Laurence Shatkin@LaurenceShatkin – Career Information Expert, Author & Blogger
  122. Laurie Ruettimann@lruettimann – HR Professional & Career Expert
  123. Leonard Lang@Leonard_Lang – Executive Career Coach & Creativity Consultant
  124. Lesley Everett@LesleyEverett – Personal Branding Expert
  125. Lethia Owens@LiveYourBrand – Personal Branding Expert
  126. Lewis Lin@InterviewCoach – Interview Coach
  127. Linda Griffin@lindagriffin – Reinvention Strategist & Blogger
  128. Lindsay Olson@PRjobs – Recruiter, Blogger & Entrepreneur
  129. Lindsey Pollak@lindseypollak – Author & Career Expert
  130. Liz Lynch@liz_lynch – Author & Networking Expert
  131. Louise Fletcher@louise_fletcher – Resume Writer, Author & Co-Founder of Career Hub
  132. Louise Mowbray@louisemowbray – Personal Branding Expert
  133. Maria Elena Duron@mariaduron – Chief Buzz Officer & Personal Expert
  134. Mark Cummuta@TriumphCIO – CIO of JobAngels & Career Expert
  135. Markell Steele@futuresinmotion – Author & Career Counselor
  136. Mark Richards@CandidatesChair – Career & Networking Expert
  137. Mark Stelzner@stelzner – Founder of JobAngels & HR Professional
  138. Martha Finney@MarthaFinney – Author
  139. Martin Buckland@MartinBuckland – Executive Career Coach
  140. Marty Weitzman@resumepro – Personal Branding Expert & Resume Writer
  141. Mary Wilson@LearnSolMary – Career Coach & HR/OD Consultant
  142. Matthew Liptak@mattliptak – Advanced Recruiter
  143. Megan Fitzgerald@ExpatCoachMegan – Expat Career & Personal Branding Coach
  144. Meg Guiseppi@megguiseppi – Executive Personal Branding Expert
  145. Meghan M. Biro@meghanmbiro – Founder of TalentCulture & Career Expert
  146. Meg Montford@KCCareerCoach – Career & Marketing Expert
  147. Melissa Cassera@casseracomm – Publicity Expert & Blogger
  148. Melissa Wells@MelissaWells – Executive Coach & Career Consultant
  149. Mike Myatt@MikeMyatt – Personal Branding Expert
  150. Miriam Salpeter@keppie_careers – Career Coach, Speaker & Writer
  151. Monica O’Brien@monicaobrien – Marketing Expert
  152. Nancy Branton@LeadersCoach – Executive & Career Coach
  153. Nick Armstrong@imnickarmstrong – Marketing Expert
  154. Ola Rynge@Rynge – Personal Branding Expert
  155. Pam Slim@pamslim – Author & Career Coach
  156. Paula Caligiuri - @PaulaCaligiuri - Professor & Career Expert
  157. Paul Copcutt@paulcopcutt – Personal Branding Expert
  158. Peggy McKee@Salesrecruiter – Sales & Marketing Recruiter
  159. Penelope Trunk@penelopetrunk – Author, Blogger & Entrepreneur
  160. Pete Kistler@Brandyourself – Personal Branding Expert
  161. Phil Gerbyshak@philgerb – Social Media Expert
  162. Phil Rosenberg@philrecareered – Career Expert & Blogger
  163. Phyllis Shabad@phyllisshabad – Personal Branding Expert
  164. Rachel Gogos@RachelGogos – Marketing & Personal Branding Expert
  165. Rachel Gordon@10GMRachel – Career Expert
  166. Randi Bussin@myreinventure – Personal Branding Expert
  167. Rob Cuesta@RobCuesta – Marketing & Personal Branding Expert
  168. Robert Dagnall@resumeguru – Resume Guru & Resume Writer
  169. Roxanne Ravenel@RoxanneRavenel – Job Search Coach & Career Expert
  170. Sally Witzky@sallywitzky – Personal Branding Expert
  171. Sarah Evans@P
    – Social Media Expert & Blogger
  172. Scheherazade Mason@sherryfm – Career Expert
  173. Scott Allen@scottallen – Author & Social Media Expert
  174. Scot Herrick@scotherrick – Owner of Cube Rules & Career Consultant
  175. Scott Ginsberg@nametagscott – Networking Expert
  176. Selena Dehne@SelenaDehne – Publicist
  177. Shirley Ray@JobSeekersEdge – HR Professional and Career Coach
  178. Stephanie A. Lloyd@StephanieALloyd – Columnist, Recruiter & Entrepreneur
  179. Steven Rothberg@StevenRothberg – Founder of CollegeRecruiter.com
  180. Susan Guarneri@susanguarneri – Blogger, Author, Resume Writer & Career Expert
  181. Susan Heathfield@SusanHeathfield – HR Expert
  182. Susan Ireland@SusanIreland – Author & Resume Expert
  183. Susan Whitcomb@SusanWhitcomb – Career Expert
  184. Teena Rose@teenarose – Career Expert
  185. Terry Del Percio@WorkIntegrity – Work Behavior Researcher, Career Coach & Consultant
  186. Tiffany Monhollon@tmonhollon – PR Specialist
  187. Tim Ferriss@tferriss – Author & Blogger
  188. Tim Tyrell-Smith@SpinStrategy – Marketing Professional & Career Expert
  189. Tom Scholte@TomScholte – Personal Branding Expert
  190. Trace Cohen@Brandyourself – Personal Branding Expert
  191. Trevor Wilson@gradversity – Job Search Strategist
  192. Trina Spruance@GetHiredGuru – Staffing Expert
  193. Tyson Goodridge@goodridge – Social Media Educator and Evangelist
  194. Walter Akana@WalterAkana – Life Strategist
  195. Wendy Gelberg@wendygelberg – Career Expert & Resume Writer
  196. Wendy Marx@wendymarx – Personal Branding Expert
  197. Wendy Terwelp@WendyTerwelp – Personal Branding Expert
  198. William Arruda@williamarruda – Career Coach, Author & Personal Branding Expert
  199. Willy Franzen@willyf - Career Expert & Entrepreneur
  200. Yinka Olaito@pathfindernig – Personal Branding Expert

Want to follow all of them? Unfortunately, you used to be able to do this using a resource called NinjaFollow; however, this resource is no longer in service.

Instead, I have included all of these experts in The Rocket List, a list I made using Twitter’s new list feature so that you can not only follow all of these Twitter users at once, but also so you can specifically filter out their tweets from the rest of those you follow. Follow The Rocket List Today!

Chris Perry, MBA, is a Gen Y brand and marketing generator, brand marketing manager, career search and personal branding expert, professional speaker, entrepreneur and brand consultant. Chris is the founder of Career Rocketeer, the Career Search and Personal Branding Network, MBA Highway, the MBA Job Search and Career Network and multiple other ventures.

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  1. Thank-you for including me on this impressive list of career professionals. I follow most of them myself. I am honored you find value in my Tweets.

    Dawn Bugni

  2. I am honored to be on the list Chris! What a great blog you have here…hidden gem. I would love to assist any young leaders in reaching their full potential. Thank you for making it easy for me to connect and learn from these other brilliant people.

    Cheers Brother!
    Bradley Will

  3. I’m honored too, to be in the company of these greats…I’ve learned so much from so many of them. I’m thrilled to find your blog. What a great help this list will be to people struggling to find a job in this market!

    Thank you for including me!
    Elaine Basham
    The Resume Group

  4. Chris,

    Thanks for including me in your list of career experts to follow on Twitter. Continue to be a great resource to job seekers.

  5. the medical sales recruiter says:

    You are brilliant – the list was great but the additional Ninja Follow piece and preformated names was/is amazing. I have already followed the whole list in less than 2 minutes.

    Lastly, thank you for the mention in your list. I, too, am honored.
    Peggy McKee
    “the medical sales recruiter”

  6. What a great list! I’m thrilled and honored to be included. I’m looking forward to reading the tweets and getting to know the other list members.

    Joan Schramm
    Momentum Coaching

  7. Any chance of finding out if any of these people are in Canada? If not, how about developing a Canadian list?

  8. IAmNickArmstrong says:


    Thank you for including me. I couldn’t help but laugh out loud at the fact that I made the Career Rocketeer list as a “marketing expert” while being unemployed!

    Thanks for making my day,

    -Nick Armstrong

  9. Mommyinthemoment says:

    Dear Chris,

    This list has been very helpful to me in finding quality colleagues to learn from and to network with. This is a great list and your site itself has a wealth of important perspectives and helpful information. I’m glad we connected.

    Boni Candelario

  10. Thanks,Chris. I wondered where the flood of new followers were coming from; I should have known you were up to your usual good deeds! Much appreciate the mention.

  11. Hi Chris,

    This list was a great idea – thanks. May I ask how one goes about getting on it?! Maybe next time you will consider including me (?). Thanks. It is still worth it – there are a lot of interesting people on here already.


  12. razzaque2003 says:

    Dont forget about @jmarkunas!

  13. HI Chris and thanks for adding me. Thanks also for the reprint okay at drewselman.com. I know a lot of my readers will love to see this list and the other.

    Love the Ninja follow also. I will have to implement that as well

    Drew Selma

  14. Hi Chris,

    Thanks for taking the time to post this list. The NinjaFollow instructions were also very helpful.

    Happy to profile CareerRocketeer experts at my site…

    Just let me know.

    All the best,



  15. Color me cynical, but what are these people going to say that we haven't heard already? How much of their tweets are going to be about "keeping your head up" and "no cookie-cutter cover letters" and "find a way to stand out from the rest without being too weird" — it's not going to change this monkey dance called a job search… it's just that we, the unemployed, are just learning new dance steps that everyone else will be doing (because they'll be reading too)… thus, creating a sea full of the same types of fish

  16. Chris,
    Thank you much for including me on your list of Twitter experts. Mystery solved, now I know where my new followers were coming from! Also, thanks for the "Where to Find Your Job on Twitter" links as well. Another great list for those in job transition.


  17. Can I add my name to this list? I have a job board that connects job seekers to over 1400 recruiters across the country. There are thousands of positions open and listed. Hopefully this will help some folks out there looking for a job. Trey Cameron, Cameron Craig Group @cameroncraig

  18. Thank you for including me on the list. I'd like to suggest you add @JobHuntOrg. She's an amazing tweeter!

    Again, thanks!
    Susan Ireland

  19. Chris,
    I'm so delighted to be included on this list. As well, I respectfully recommend you add Industry Pioneer, Author (Resume Magic, Cover Letter Magic and multiple other careers books) and esteemed colleague, Susan Britton Whitcomb — @susanwhitcomb.

    Jacqui Barrett-Poindexter

  20. I'm pleased to announced the release of my new job search website at http://www.blogging4jobs.com. Learn the unwritten rules of the job hunt.


    Jessica Miller-Merrell, SPHR

  21. This is a great list but you've missed Canada's Career Strategist, Sharon Graham (@sharongraham on Twitter). Sharon posts daily career tips for six-figure executives, and is happy to answer any questions she receives.

  22. Great list! We *just* launched the public beta of our site JobTitled. It's a different approach to a familiar problem. Use analytics to make better career decisions. You can follow me @jobtitled


  23. I am a life and career coach and for worked with MBA students for several years. Will love to contribute to your success: follow me at: @jorgefusaro.

    -Jorge Fusaro, MA


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